How to avoid getting cold this winter?


Every winter, it's the same thing. No sooner has this cold season begun than you have a cold. Here are seven tips for keeping fit until spring!

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The mercury falls and we are exposed to this famous cold that forces us, like every winter, to blow our nose all day and gives us the impression of having a potato instead of the nose. The most effective way to prevent the appearance of these symptoms, unfortunately familiar, is to strengthen its natural defenses.

Our body has developed all kinds of defenses, which are part of a whole called the immune system. To boost these defenses, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

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1. Manage stress

Stress is one of the many enemies that our body has to fight every day.

It remains beneficial in some situations, but to the extreme, it can cause some inconvenience and weaken our body.

The best way to calm him down is undoubtedly relaxation, by working on breathing exercises. The practice of yoga is a very good solution to fight against this tension.

Tip: A small magnesium cure helps our body to better withstand stress.

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2. Exercise regularly

Among other benefits, the regular practice of a sport helps strengthen our organization. In addition, it is a great way to relieve the tensions accumulated during the day and thus prevent the onset of stress. Physical activity also allows the body to recover after the holiday season by eliminating all stored toxins.

Tip: A walk of half an hour outdoors is enough.

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3. Eat varied, balanced and in good quantity

The quality of our diet is crucial to provide our body with the necessary nutrients. To maintain your immune system at the top, a sufficient supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is recommended. Fruits, vegetables, oleaginous (almonds, nuts ...) and oily fish will provide your body with what it needs.

This is not really the time to start a too restrictive diet that would weaken our body.

Tip: Nothing beats a good regular dose of vitamin C.

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4.Sleep enough

Sleep is also a component that should not be neglected, because this is when our body recovers and restores the reserves that will allow us to stay in shape throughout the day. We are not all equal in the face of sleep, some will need to sleep more than others. The important thing here is to try as much as possible to go to bed at a regular time and to sleep in sufficient quantity.

Tip: A little stretching in the bedroom before going to bed is good for sleep.

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