The 10 secrets of a fulfilling sexuality


It's time to forget. Constraints, resentments, frustrations, habits. To write, in the lightness of time found, a new page of your intimate history. More joyous, freer, more sensual, more creative. What is a fulfilling sexuality? There is an infinite number of answers to this question. But one will probably be unanimous: the one that gives us the feeling of being really alive. Because sexuality is both energy and self-expression.

Meet, in a fun and creative way, your desire and your pleasure, starting to become aware of all that can block your development. This path, as recreational as it is serious, has been marked by the advice and clinical experience of our specialists. Only they know how fears, beliefs, inhibitions, but also laziness or routine are the enemies of pleasure. Only they know that without a fertile imagination and without an open and receptive body, sexuality is reduced to a mechanism.

Close your ears to the little inner voices that tell you that these are not some exercises that will turn your intimacy into nirvana. These little voices are wrong. It is not a question of religiously following the recommendations of the experts, but of letting them resonate in you. Françoise Dolto gave a very nice definition of what the party is for children: "The party is freedom in safety." If we replace the word "feast" with the word "sexuality", it helps to understand that it is with this dual condition that the imagination can unfold, and the bodies loose ...

Flavia Mazelin Salvi

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Just Relax

Sexuality can not be fulfilled without a fluid flow of sexual energy. For this, it is essential to put the body and the spirit in a state of ...

Get to know yourself

How does your desire go? How does your pleasure come about? Without an intimate knowledge of oneself, difficult to fully bloom with each other. Little trip ...

Woman and man, two or three things to know

In the field of sexuality, reminds us of the sex therapist and psychotherapist Alain Héril, the projection is a dangerous behavior: to give to the other ...

Find the right words

The hurtful sentence, the silence that stirs up, the words that ignite. Communication occupies a central place in sexuality. So you have to invent your language ...

Stimulate your libido through yoga

Confidence in one's body and letting go of one's mind are two indispensable conditions for making sexual encounters a feast. Try these postures ...

Make your aphrodisiacs

Some foods have the power to give a boost to our libido.This is the case of seafood, spices, carrot or cucumber, explains us ...

Vary positions, so sensations

Habit, laziness, certainty to easily access the enjoyment: as much reasons that make it difficult for us to change positions. And if it was ...

Play with your hormones

If it is impossible, and undesirable, to reduce our sexuality to a hormonal phenomenon, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the beneficial effects that ...

3 scenarios to revive desire

Always the same gestures, the same words, the same scenarios. When the routine settles, the desire fades. First learn how to identify it, then ...

Cultivate your eroticism

To explore, vibrate and fantasize together, it is necessary to maintain a singular eroticism: yours, say Sylvain Mimoun and Alain Héril! For this, ...