Anxiety, stress, hyperactivity ... healing with plants


And if plants could help us to take less medicine? This is what Dr. Laurent Chevallier defends in his latest book Fewer drugs, more plants . For him, more doubts, trust the therapeutic power of nature can reduce the option drugs, whose limits are recognized today. Demonstration with plants to discover to relieve anxiety, nervousness or hyperactivity of children.

Laurent Chevallier


The brain is the seat of the regulation of the body with its environment and relationships with others. It can react inappropriately, causing many disorders that should be corrected, essentially natural.

Anxiety disorders tend to develop in today's societies with negative effects such as difficulty concentrating, sometimes debilitating fatigue, irritability, memory problems and sleep disturbances that impair the quality of life. .

Conventional Treatments

- Benzodiazepines: Tranxene®, Lysanxia®, Nordaz®, Xanax®, Lexomil®, Temesta®;

- antihistamine: Atarax®.

Plants have their place to fight these disorders when they are not of age, that is to say when they do not cause what are called generalized anxiety disorders (GAD). The side effects of conventional benzodiazepine-type drugs are multiple, especially on alertness, memory ... and they can create dependencies. Their catch should not exceed 12 weeks (according to current regulations).

Alternatives exist with plants that in most situations should be taken first.

My anti-anxiety tea

- Hawthorn (Tranquilizer): 40 g

- Soothing scent (Soothing properties): 40 g

- Melissa (antispasmodic, especially during digestive disorders): 30 g

My capsules of plants (dry extracts, composition per capsule)

- Hawthorn: 0, 15 g

- Valerian (Anxiety disorders associated with a depressive note): 0, 15 g

My essential oils (HE)

To apply in massage on the temples and in the solar plexus.

- HE lavender: 2 ml

- HE marjoram: 2 ml

- Hazelnut vegetable oil (Soothes tensions): 36 ml

My diet

Avoid caffeine-based drinks ( coffee, colas ...) and eat the most balanced meals possible. Dairy products have an effect considered relaxing because of the presence of casein.

Beware of false friends that are alcoholic beverages: they have a sedative action but cause a poor quality of sleep that ultimately increases anxiety disorders.


From nervousness and nervousness to panic attacks of post-traumatic neurosis

Many people are prone to inadequate responses, sometimes close to real distress in the face of a stressful event, on the short or the long term.

Conventional treatments

- benzodiazepines: Tranxene®, Lysanxia®, Nordaz®, Xanax®, Lexomil®, Temesta® ...

- antipsychotics (during severe disorders of post-traumatic neurosis): zyprexa®, Xeroquel®, Risperdal®.

Plants are particularly interesting in all benign forms of stress, stage ... which are disabling in everyday life. They must be associated with a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and a sufficiently sustained and regular physical activity.